Hi, my name is Heather Gillich :) First off, I just want to thank you for taking a minute to stop by my little corner of the internet!  I am a photographer and architecture student from the Mississippi Gulf Coast relocating long-term to New York City at the end of summer 2019.

Looking back on how I grew up, it was evident I was going to end up in a creative field of some sort. I have always loved drawing and learning about anything that could be defined as “artistic.” As time went on, I found myself merging my creative characteristics with an increasing interest for technology. I very much consider myself a “creative” and I am the happiest when I am working and learning new things.

I am fascinated with observation and perspective in every sense. As I have grown as a photographer, I realize I did not come upon photography by accident. My personality, creativity, and work ethic has been underlying all along, and I am beyond grateful that I am now in a position to share photography with others.

I aim to tell intriguing stories:  stories that communicate accurate details and emotions of each, individual person. There are so many occurrences that are never brought to attention. The opportunity to bring light to unnoticed happenings of human life through a photo is what has captivated me and motivates me to keep progressing and working.


PhotoPlace Gallery

Middlebury, Vermont

“Fictional Narrative” international exhibition Dec.6 2018 – Jan.5 2019


Creative Quarterly  

Brooklyn, NY

“CQ54” magazine issue