Seattle, WA - Part 2

Hey everybody! This week I wanted to share part 2 of my trip to Seattle, WA this past September. Having gone to and photographed a total of 15 different locations in Seattle, I will have a few more of these Seattle blogs until I cover each place. Seattle was the most  beautiful place I have ever been and it definitely deserves to be shared.

  1. The Double Helix Bridge


The Double Helix Pedestrian Bridge is a structure I found on my own searching around google. I was drawn to this bridge primarily because of its architectural aspects. Not only is it a crazy, interesting structure, but it is actually a pedestrian bridge that connects all the way from the side of the street and down to the pier that I talk about in location #2 of this post. Another attractive thing about this bridge is that it actually spans over railroad tracks. This was so cool to me because I was literally on a bridge and by the water with trains passing under me all at the same time.

2. The Pier


The Pier was one of my favorite surprises of Seattle. When I was researching the Double Helix bridge online, I had no idea what an amazing pedestrian waterfront it led to. There was endless sidewalk that my friends and I just followed forever taking photos of what we passed. I loved this location so much because it was just so leisurely and beautiful every step of the way. We passed everything from boat stations to rose gardens. Some of my favorite photos from this trip were taken here because of the composition (foreground, middle ground, background) this location offered.

3. Museum of Pop Culture (known as "The MoPOP")


The MoPOP Museum, designed by Frank Gehry, was something really different that I enjoyed a lot. It is a nonprofit contemporary pop culture museum that strives to display Rock n' Roll and interactive technology through exciting exhibits attractive to multi-generational audiences. There is so much to photograph in this museum. I had a field day taking pictures of all the lights, colors, and compositions it offered. These ended up being some of the most fun photos I have from the trip.

I'm planning to have two more posts to finish up this Seattle, WA series. I hope you have enjoyed these posts and have a feel for all the beautiful and diverse things Seattle has to offer! As always, feel free to leave a like, a comment, and subscribe to this blog. I appreciate everyone's support that motivates me to keep going and progressing along my photography journey :)

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