Seattle Washington - Part 1

Hey everybody! It has been a week let me tell you. I was fortunate enough to get to spend a whole five days in Seattle, Washington doing nothing but exploring the city and taking photos. Seattle is hands down THE most beautiful place I have ever been. Seattle truly has something for everyone. From city life to nature life to beach life, you name it and Seattle has it. I honestly feel like it is impossible to go anywhere there without seeing something beautiful.

With that being said, Seattle has so much to do and see that five days was nowhere near enough time to explore everything… but, I definitely tried. Averaging a walking distance of 9.5 miles per day and returning home with 2,059 photos, I am completely worn out. The travel back home could not have been worse. It was a solid 22 hours that involved  three trains, two flights, and a 4.5 hour bus ride. I mentioned that here because despite how physically hard this trip was, I would do it again in a heartbeat to re-experience photographing Seattle. Traveling and taking photos of life in different places is the coolest thing ever and I have never done something that has made me happier.

Now, with all of that being said, I want to talk about and show some of the locations I saw in Seattle!

1. The Space Needle


Google “top attractions to see in Seattle” and everything is going to scream Space Needle at you. Because of that, I instantly thought I was going to walk into some major tourist trap that would just have been an overpriced waste of time…Wrong!! I’m really happy that this was not the case.  The photos I got from the Space Needle are some of my favorite from the trip.  I loved the views and the architecture of the Space Needle itself so much that I went back a second time!

2.Carkeek Park


Carkeek Park is a location I found randomly on google that absolutely blew me away.  I knew I was not leaving Seattle without photographing this spot. It was incredible in every way imaginable. Walking along the railroad tracks down the beach with the sound of water hitting the shore made me feel like I was in a scene from a movie.

3.Chihuly Garden and Glass


The Chihuly Garden and Glass was another attraction that I thought was going to be a tourist trap.  Yes, there were a lot of people but it was definitely worth fighting the crowd! This place is exactly what is sounds like; glass sculptures displayed in a garden-like setting. The colors and composition of the exhibits were beautiful and gave some very interesting photo opportunities.

4.Discovery Park


I honestly do not know how to put Discovery Park into words. I have never seen anything like it before. Discovery Park is an area known for its breath-taking scenes at the end of its trails. Located on the tip of where land and water meet is Discovery Park’s famous lighthouse. Waves are crashing into the rocks, birds are flying overhead, and wind is whipping your hair back and forth the whole time. There is beach along both sides of the lighthouse allowing the area needed to enjoy Discovery Park’s views from any direction.

Over the span of the whole trip, I made it to a total of 15 locations to photograph. For the sake of this blog post getting way, way, way too long, I’m going to make a series of posts just like this one until I cover every place in Seattle I went. I loved it so much and I just want to share my experiences of these beautiful places. I hope you liked this blog and you got a feel for some of what Seattle has to offer! If you ever get the chance to travel there TAKE IT… and your camera

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